family dental care

What is Family Dentistry and How does it Benefit Your Family?

Family Care Dentistry is the treatment of your entire family done by us. Our Clinic provides the entire spectrum and care needed to treat all cases from new born children to your seniors. All of this is done in a single appointment. Family Care Dentistry mainly consists of Paediatric and Geriatric Dental Care.

Paediatric Dental Care is Dentistry provided for children till they reach adulthood. The care required by children is different from adults as the teeth first start developing by around 6 months of age. This set of teeth is called milk teeth and this is replaced by permanent teeth or adult teeth around the age of 13-15. 

Children are very sensitive and require special care so that any damage to their teeth does not stunt their growth and development. Some common problems seen with children:

  • If your child's tooth is paining due to which he/she is not eating their food properly, will cause them to not have enough nutrition and thereby limit their growth. 
  • Breaking of the front teeth can cause the child to be very shy and under confident with themselves through their school and college life.
  • Having misaligned teeth can cause the child's image of himself/herself reduce and again cause them to become shy and under confident. 
  • over retained teeth can cause the erupting permanent teeth to come out of alignment causing the confidence problem for the child.

Luckily any and every dental problem your child may be facing can be solved by Our team of specialised doctors swiftly without your child ever feeling scared. Our staff gels well with children and we understand how important it is that the children of our country grow to be strong and confident.

Another aspect of Family Care Dentistry is Geriatric dentistry that is the treatment of Senior citizens. Our Clinic provides very specialised care for senior citizens which allows them to live their life peacefully without having any trouble eating and talking.  Some common problems faced by Geriatric Patients:

  • Missing teeth not allowing them to eat or talk properly which causes many health issues.
  • Broken teeth causing pain when eating.
  • Worn out teeth causing sensitivity.
  • Smelly breath due to inability to maintain proper oral hygiene.

There are many issues faced by the seniors of our society for their health. Lets work together to make sure their teeth is not one of them. They have provided for us when we needed it and we can return the favour by making sure they are able to eat all their favourite foods without any dental problems.


We treat all age groups from new borns to elderly people.

We provide the entire spectrum of treatment and care needed for specialised cases as well as providing the best dentistry required to treat your family. All of this done in a single visit.

Frequently Asked Question's about Family Care Dentistry

My child is having fever when her first tooth erupted, what do I do?

Even though having a fever is normal when your child's first teeth are erupting we strongly recommend a visit with a paediatrician to rule out any other possibility. 

My child broke his front tooth while playing, what do I do?

We strongly recommend visiting a dentist on an immediate basis. kindly protect the broken part of the tooth so that the doctor can reattach it. The doctor will also make sure the area is not infected.

My child's teeth are out of alignment, what can be done to correct this?

After diagnosis by our dentists we. can determine what is the cause of the misaligned teeth and how to correct it. X-Rays may be taken to diagnose it.

The treatment for this is a permanent correction.

My family senior is missing all his/ her teeth, what can be done?

There are many treatment options available from removable to fixed teeth that can solve this problem and provide relief to your Family senior.

Are the treatments done in your clinic long lasting?

Our Clinic provides long term treatment solutions to all our patients for their dental problems. We understand that your time is precious and we don't want to waste those in repeated dental appointments to solve a single problem.