Our Sterilisation Promise

Instrument Disinfection

The instruments used by our Doctors are sterilised thoroughly by an exhaustive sterilisation protocol which ensures a 100% guaranteed sterilisation.

Dental Chair Disinfection

The Dental Chair on which the patient sits  is sterilised after each patient using an antiseptic and antibiotic spray and then wiped down thouroughly.

Clinic Disinfection

The entire clinic is disinfected using an antiseptic and antimicrobial solution and the air and water are also strictly monitored to check for safety and sterility.

Working Area Disinfection

Every single surface the doctor comes in contact with is wrapped in a medical disposable barrier which is changed after each patient to ensure sterility.

Doctor's & Staff Effort

The Doctor and th Staff at our Clinic use a new set of disposable mask and gloves for every new patient and are thoroughly immunised against any diseases.

Sterilisation Procedure at Sunfill Dental Clinic

Your Health and safety is Important to us and we ensure every is perfect in our hygiene & sterilisation to make sure that you leave our clinic healthier than when you entered.

Perfect Sterility helps us as Dentists ensure better results for our Patients.