What is teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is the process of improving the colour or shade of your teeth to make them lighter. It involves the use of a specialised chemical treatment to achieve the desired result. 

Why do I require teeth whitening?

Usually with time your teeth tend to become a shade yellower & look dull. There are many causes for which this happens. Some of those reasons are:

  • Foods like: Turmeric, Artificially coloured food
  • Drinks like: Coffee, Tea, Wine, Cola based drinks
  • Medication: Iron supplements, Ayurvedic medications
  • Tobacco Consumption
  • Over Brushing of teeth 
  • Health & Sports Supplements

My teeth just look dull, Can I get my teeth whitened?

Absolutely, Teeth Whitening is a completely safe technique to help improve the shade and brightness of your teeth. It helps make your teeth look younger, fresher and also helps give it a sparkle when you smile.

Is it safe to get My teeth whitened?

 Teeth Whitening done repeatedly can cause sensitivity, but if done once in a year the chance of sensitivity reduces to almost none. It is a very safe treatment as at Sunfill Dental Clinic it is done by experienced, highly trained doctors. You can contact us if you want to know anything else about the safety of the treatment.

What are the different types of teeth whitening systems available?

In South Mumbai, only Sunfill Dental Clinic offers more than one type of Teeth Whitening services. We have all the types of teeth whitening systems available all over the world so that we can offer you every possible type of treatment so that you can choose what type of treatment you want.

The Different types of systems available at Sunfill Dental Clinic:

  • Phillips ZOOM Teeth Whitening: We receive a lot of patients in and around South Mumbai who come to us for our Zoom teeth whitening treatment. The entire chair-side whitening process, including the preparation, can take up to 1 hour. Depending on the shade of your teeth prior to whitening, you can achieve a result of up to 5-7 shades (varies with patient) whiter teeth.
  • Biolase LASER Whitening: Biolase Epic lasers are capable of delivering 6-12 shades (varies by patient) with less than 20 minutes of whitening treatment time. This is by far the most superior whitening system available in the world & it provides the patient the most whitening result in the shortest period of time. This  method of whitening is mostly preferred by our patients.
  • In-Office Whitening: We also provide a minimal in office whitening treatment which provides the patient with a shade difference of 3-6 shades (varies with patient) with a total treatment time of 1 hour. This is a good solution for patients looking only for a slightly whiter smile.
  • At-Home Whitening Kits: On requirement of the patient we also provide a at home whitening kit whit custom trays so that the patient is able to whiten their teeth even without having to get whitening done at a dental clinic. This provides a shade difference of around 2-3 (varies with patient) shades but can take a long time, around 2-3 weeks to see the completed results. 

What is the care to be taken post treatment?

  • Practicing good oral hygiene is essential for anyone who wants whiter teeth. 
  • Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash are all great ways to take care of your teeth and help prevent stains from forming.
  • Flossing teeth at least once a day can help remove dental plaque that has built up.
  • Using a straw when you are drinking beverages can help keep stain causing dyes away from teeth. This is especially true for beverages like coffee, tea, wine and sports drinks.
  • No smoking is recommended for at least 1-2 days post whitening.
  • Chewing Tobacco and pan are not allowed post whitening for as long as possible as it will stain your beautiful white teeth.

Only at our clinic can you find so many types of Teeth Whitening treatment. Feel free to choose the method you would like and all treatments are provided in a single visit. Only with Sunfill Dental Clinic get Pearly whites like never before.


Teeth Whitening is a very safe treatment that can be done by anyone desiring to brighten and whiten their teeth without getting any extensive dental procedures done. 

It is done in a single visit and can help greatly enhance your smile.

Frequently Asked Question's about Teeth Whitening

My teeth are yellowing, what can I do about it?

As we age a little bit of yellowing is normal. After diagnosis by us we can recommend whether or not teeth whitening is required for you. 

The treatment will help you achieve a sparkle in your smile and brighten the dull yellow to teeth to beautiful pearly whites.

Does the treatment take a longtime to do?

Teeth Whitening done at our clinic takes anywhere between 20 mins to an hour depending on the system of choice. The system chosen by our patients frequently takes around 20 mins to complete in just a single visit.

I have heard teeth whitening can cause sensitivity of the teeth?

Depending on the system and technique used by the doctor, teeth whitening can cause sensitivity. Our clinic uses a LASER based teeth whitening system with which we guarantee almost no post treatment sensitivity. We provide our patients with all the things needed post treatment to have a sensitivity free treatment, which has been very successful.

I have heard teeth whitening can last only a few weeks, is this true?

Depending on the system used for treatment, teeth whitening can provide varied results. The system used by our clinic allows our patients to have and maintain results for 12-18 months. This allows them to enjoy the treatment for a long time.

Is the teeth whitening treatment high maintenance?

The teeth whitening treatment done at our clinic is almost maintenance free. We provide our patients with everything they might need to maintain the treatment for a long time. Twice daily brushing and yearly check ups are recommended.