Treatment of Sensitivity

Finally Relief from Tooth Sensitivity!

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

If you’ve ever experienced an unwelcome feeling of your tooth being sensitive especially when having something cold, you’re not the only one. There are multiple causes of tooth sensitivity but the most common cause of it is over brushing or not brushing using the correct method. 

How do I know if my Teeth are Sensitive?

You will be able to pinpoint the sharp uncomfortable sensation in your teeth when doing the following:

  • Eating cold or hot food
  • Drinking cold or hot drinks
  • Breathing in cold air

I have this problem, what do I do to solve it?

If you have tooth sensitivity concerns, the first thing you should do is visit your dentist. Only a dental professional can confirm if you have tooth sensitivity and find out what is causing it.

We advise you on suitable options for treating sensitive teeth pain and explain how to manage the underlying causes of tooth sensitivity – most likely to be gum problems and enamel erosion.

The treatment for tooth sensitivity takes only a single appointment and it can provide a lot of relief. 

With Sunfill Dental Clinic say goodbye to Sensitivity once and for all. 


Sensitive teeth on hot or cold food/drinks is a problem that can be solved by us easily. The treatment for tooth sensitivity takes only a single appointment and it can provide a lot of relief. 

Frequently Asked Question's about Treatment for Sensitivity

My Teeth are very sensitive when I Eat or Drink something Cold, or even during Winter months?

Tooth Sensitivity, regardless of the cause can result from loss of Enamel on your teeth.

There are various causes for this.

We recommend an appointment with us, so that we can give you permanent relief by addressing the  cause of the problem.

I have seen ads for various toothpastes to treat sensitivity, do they work?

Self diagnosing and falling for marketing tricks can result in you taking treatment with a medicine that will not solve the problem. Each toothpaste works differently and will work when applied correctly for the correct period of time. A visit with us will help diagnose your needs so that you are taking the correct treatment for the problem.

I brush twice a day for more than 5 mins a day, why are my teeth sensitive?

Brushing your teeth is all about brushing with quality and not quantity, i.e. its not about the amount of times that you brush but how well you brush. Brushing incorrectly causes damage to the teeth causing sensitivity.

If done properly brushing even once a day will be sufficient.

To know how to brush correctly we recommend a visit with us so we can recommend which brush, toothpaste and technique to use or keep an eye out on our blogs.

Is Treatment for sensitivity a permanent treatment?

The treatment for sensitivity is permanent, if maintained by the patient. If the tooth can be worn out then so can the treatment we do for it. 

All of our patients have successfully said good bye to sensitivity permanently. The treatment we provide will help every one with sensitivity as long as it is maintained.